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"Speaks for you when you Cannot"


Be The Helping Hand

In case you witness any accident or any emergency. Help his family to reach at the earliest. You can save a life by making a phone call to the Being Alert Helpline +91 8286 911 911 and giving the Being Alert ID mentioned on the Phoo Phoo Tag attached to belongings of the victim and his family members and emergency contacts are informed at the earliest. In case of any car or a motorcycle accident as a witness look out for the Being Alert Phoo Phoo sticker and simply provide the Alert Id or the Vehicle Number to the Being Alert helpline. 


I Am Being Alert 

A unique service for the first time in India to bridge the gap between the injured and family member in the event of an EMERGENCY or an ACCIDENT using an Alert Id System.
Just One Number in an Emergency worldwide to inform the family members and emergency contacts of a victim by Anyone, Anywhere Anytime.  Being Alert also assists not only in an Emergency but also helps to get back your lost belongings, and helps you to be contacted without disclosing your personal or your family members information .


In case of any mishap, accident witnessed, all members are aware Being Alert’ Phoo Phoo Being Alert works For the People, With the People & By the People, facilitating you to help yourself in an emergency By joining the community today you add on to the awareness & you can be self-dependent in an look out for the Alert Id On the Being Alert Phoophoo tag that may be attached to the victims possessions such as Key/Bag Tags, Alert Card, Member Vehicle stickers, etc, and call & give the Alert ID.Within no time the information is communicated to the victims Emergency Contacts HELPLINE Relevant Authorities, Police, Doctors & School /Colleges use of the Being Alert System to ease out the task and they can act without any delay when eve ry second is crucial to save a life.

Incase You happen to leave out your bag with your laptop or papers or probably even clothes and it has a Being Alert tag  on it the Auto ,Taxi Driver , The Next Traveller Easily calls the Helpline and informs about the same without he or she having to go to the Police station or look inside your bags . 
Within no Time you are informed / alerted about the same and can get your lost belongings back faster hasslefree. This also encourages the passerby to help as it is just a phone call and it he need not disturb his schedule which in returns makes the chances for you to recover the belonging fast.

Being Alert helps you to be contacted by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime without disclosing your personal contact information.You only share your Being Alert ID E.g. -You can give your Being AlertID to your Society's Watchman, domestic servants etc.
(You may share your mobile number with your watchman But will not like to share your wife's or daughter's number with them.)

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